What is self storage?

Historical Overview of the Self Storage Industry as referenced by the Self Storage Association

Self storage is a relatively new industry but it is not a new business concept [t.  Storing the property of others is a time-honored business.  Examples of self storage-type businesses date back hundreds of years.

Personal storage first began in England when British banking institutions were asked to safeguard valuables for clients embarking on extended voyages.  Overcrowded vaults quickly forced bankers to see storage in lofts from moving companies.

In the 1850’s, the first warehouses specifically constructed for household/personal items were built.  These two-story structures were built with general storage on the lower floor and private storage rooms on the second floor.  For the next sixty years, not much changed in the industry, except warehouses increased in size to as much as ten stories, utilizing freight elevators to reach the storage rooms.

While the business of renting space suitable for storage is an old one, the moderns self storage business itself dates back only to the early 1960’s.  The first modern self storage facilities were built in the Southwest and were simple one-story buildings subdivided into individual garage-type storage units.  Customers rented a space, loaded their property inside and secured it with a padlock.

Today, while the basis of the business has changed little, the industry has undergone many significant changes since those firs facilities were build nearly fifty years ago.

The modern self storage business serves the needs of homeowners, renters, and businesses. 


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